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The definiton of SE adopted by NBTP

Cost of engineering change increase almost exponentially as a program progresses. SE has the ability to left shift effort while giving better control of risk which in turn delivers better products in a faster timeframe.

The V model and IEC15288 are the cornerstones of Systems Engineering Planning and delivery. Dave has experience in all areas of the V model and has written several processes to IEC15288

Systems Engineering (SE) is an interdisciplinary approach and means to

enable the realization of successful systems. It focuses on defining

customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle,

documenting requirements, and then proceeding with design synthesis

and system validation while considering the complete problem:

operations, cost and schedule, performance, training and support, test,

manufacturing, and disposal. SE considers both the business and the

technical needs of all customers with the goal of providing a quality

product that meets the user needs. (INCOSE)

Current interests


The following information gives the type of activities that would obiously appeal to me. I don't mind discussing any of your requirements with you though and I would be pleased to help if I think my skills could benefit you.


I have no real preference for the size of the work package. Smaller packages are of course easier to accommodate I may be able to work on something bigger and I can also supply small teams of engieers for larger packages. Please contact me for details.


Large scale systems integration

Top of Left Hand V requirement and architecture modelling/development.

System Integration - Mid to Top right hand of V


Organisation development

Helping organisations to better understand systems engineering while being a practitioner/adviser and helping organisations to function more effectively, both within themselves and with their collaboration with other organisations. Dave is pursuing development of this area within INCOSE.


INCOSE activity

Dave has acted as a reviewer of the latest major update to the SE handbook and has participated on the ‘into service’ workgroup.


Experience and Vision


Dave’s experience is diverse but also has depth. He can work on all parts of the V and has demonstrated this over many projects.


Requirement capture and functional modelling

Dave has learned how to capture top level requirements from key systems stakeholders and perform trade off studies to negotiate conflicts within the desired requirement set. He can decompose requirements logically and with his complete lifecycle experience can add value at the requirement state to help later stages progress smoothly. He can use qualitative data analysis using tools if required. Dave prefers some form of functional and functional-physical modelling while working on the left hand of the V as he has found this will help to disambiguate the requirement baseline, reducing problems later. He has found that this helps the functional to physical allocation. With experience gained over multiple projects Dave has learned to take a pragmatic view on how to break from functional to physical but highly recommends that the left hand of the v does start functional and then moves physical unless there are good reasons this is should not happen. Dave has also several years’ experience of dynamic modelling which can help identify key parameters in both the controller and controlled system.



Dave has extended experience in implementing requirements in both software (for real time controllers) as well as electrical, mechanical and hydromechanical systems. Implementation of software has been in proprietary software tools, C, C++, Assembler and VHDL. He has also designed several hydromechanical systems using CAD packages.


Development, integration andTest

Dave has experience of all aspects of test. For software Dave has performed unit and module tests and used tools to analyse code complexity. He has experience of in the box development, hardware-software integration through to black box rig testing. Dave has also has experience of hydromechanical unit testing and has developed test procedures/ran hydromechanical unit rigs. Dave has extensive experience of specifying and running system rigs and as well as integrating the developed system into the final product (aircraft or train)


Along with V model activities Dave also has experience of the following areas


Safety and reliability analysis. FMEA, fault trees, analysing safety implications of designs, specifying and designing safety functions to ensure safe operation


Mathematical modelling using either programming languages such as C and VBA or tools such as matlab/Simulink


Requirement modelling – formally in SysML but also using more informal or proprietary methods using core SysML diagrams such as State Machines, Activity diagrams, sequence Diagrams, block diagrams and internal block diagrams.


Risk Analysis - Dave has experience of both conventional (qualitative based) and analytic (quantitative based) risk analysis and believes risk management should be a central part of any system engineering process.


Configuration control and Change Control -Dave has controlled the configuration of large systems as well as managing problems and changes applied to a system which moved its configuration.

Project Management/team leading

Dave has experience of project management, constructing Gantt charts, executing projects and directing projects with cost responsibility. He has several years’ experience as a team leader.


Work package Construction - Dave’s programme management experience extends to integrating several work packages to ensure an end results as well has working in an off load capacity helping clients to define small work packages to take off site and then to deliver back to the client. Dave has worked in a similar way taking on personal financial risk by scoping and costing small work packages.


Process development - Dave has condtructed and dveloped many systems engineering processes throughout his career, the latter ones to IEC 15288



Dave has had the good fortune to work on the following products....



NEL/Electrostar SIL 2 system / software engineering for NEL - TCMS from requirement analysis to software design and development through to rig and train test – including modifications to most train systems

Development of a propulsion PID controller

SIL2 system/software engineering to insert a GPRS modem into the TCMS/PIS control system.

Turbostar SLU Controller modification – FPGA logic design +continued support over an extended period of time.



305 Hydrogen cell System Control unit package owner (short term to get the unit through a detailed design review)

Project xx – top level requirement capture and functional modelling for a next generation Intelligent Controller

Project yy – Top level requirement capture and modelling for a next generation IED

61850 Merging unit – total systems engineering responsibility from requirements, through architecture to supporting software and hardware engineering.



C-Series high lift – SIL 4 Interface definition, software qualification testing, wire thermal modelling, OMS logic definition and production, Regression Test Procedure, System Test, system performance analysis. Draft CAA airworthiness document.

Nimrod MRA4 – SIL 4 Utility Systems Management System (USMS) specification and test. USMS qualification and release. Air Vehicle qualification. USMS/ Air vehicle integration. Air vehicle qualification (from go/no go status for flight test through to long term qualification strategy). Release to service process definition

A320Neo - VAFN electrical component design (RVDT, Solenoids,wiring, prox sensors).

A380 - Braking system qualification

A318, A319, A320 Landing gear CPD modifications

Research Demonstrators - through lifecycle modelling, design and test of a ‘new’ type of fuel pump, pump and tap controls and optical position sensors.

Typhoon - SIL 4 Real Time Software engineering and tes for landing gear control computert. Dynamic Brake systems modelling. Modelling of main engine (EJ200) fuel control. Modelling of re-heat control unit along with subsequent improvements of hydro-mechanical design. Dynamic Modelling of shock waves developed in the feeder fuel pipes caused during an emergency shutoff

Do328 - SIL 3/4 real time software engineering for antiskid, dynamic modelling of brake control valve

Tornado main wheel production

Av8B - outrigger wheel production

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